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November 27, 2012
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"So what's your plan, luv? Kill me and leave? Sorry luv! That's not happening! I wouldn't allow it anyway." Wheatley shot more bombs at chell as she ran.

But they always missed.
"Your BOUND to give up sooner or later. I mean, this must be EXHAUSTING. Running, testing, running again, testing again, running, escaping, running then fighting.

I mean, by that time I would've just given up. Honestly, if I held you upside down, you'd be more relaxed then anything." Wheatley laughed. "Funny thought to think
about however."

Chell kept circling around wheatley without getting to close, just hoping he'd hit something that could actually help her.
A bomb hit one of the catwalks, not knocking it down, but loosening tons of the rails.
"Agh! Alright, see, I hit that one! You just won't be still! How about you lie down and take a rest? Yeah? If you'll do that, I'll stop throwing the bombs."


"Alright, didn't fall for that either? Alrighty, misses clever!"
Wheatley hit the conversion gel with a bomb.

Chell shaked off the conversion gel.
" little...sneaky devil she-woman. Just WAITING and then, then, make me have mistakes. Horrible mistakes.
While you get achievements, don't you? Yes you do."

She portaled on a panel not too far from wheatley. Then portaled onto the floor, seeing if he could hit himself if she could just redirect his bombs.
"AH!" Wheatley fell limp as chell went to retrieve a core.

"Alright, good work. I'm sending you the first core up on the catwalk, grab it and attach it to him." GLaDOS said.
Chell jumped onto the catwalk and walked slowly over to the hanging core.
"Space! Space! Spaaace!"
She grabbed it and the catwalk broke beneath her, releasing repulsion gel, sending her jumping across the room.

Stop missing!
She landed ontop of his shields.
She almost dropped the core on the ground, gladly keeping a grip and then attaching him to wheatley.
"Core corruption at 50% percent. Neurotoxion OFFLINE."
Wheatley turned back on. "Ohhh there you are!"
The shields shook around and went down, chell instantly knew this was her cue to really jump.

Agh! She landed on her back.

Are you too dumb to notice one of your own is attached to you? Chell rolled her eyes as she dodged more bombs.
"Hold on, my bloody bombs are stuck!"

She redirected his bombs to hit him again.
"NO-AH!" Wheatley fell limp again.
She walked opon the catwalk, then readying for a jump to catch the second core.
"QUICK! What's the situation? Oh-Hello pretty lady."
A spark came off of wheatley. Which he didn't do before unless he was awakening again.
Chell jumped opon it, catching the core then landing back on her feet.

"So how you doing, beautiful? What- you fighting that guy? How's that going?"
She walked up to wheatley, then backing up for a jump.
"So when you kill this guy, do you have some type of-"
The shields went down, slipping chell onto them, revealing an awakened wheatley.
Chell lost grip of her portal gun, but managed to catch the core.

She curled up nearly holding the core.
"Whoa! He's got some strength."
"That's right, mate!" Wheatley glared at both of them.

She kicked wheatley right in the optic as he got closer to her.
"Nice shot!" The green-eyed core said.

"Horrible, painful shot!" He rolled his optic in pain, trying to focus again.
A claw came out behind wheatley and threw the adventerous core out of chell's reach.
"GAH!" He hit the floor, buzzing out.

Chell looked over to the core, then was faced back to wheatley.
"I actually had a plan similar to do this. But it just joys me to see you like this."
He stopped throwing his bombs and his top shields went back down, covering the sides of the shields that held her, assuring she doesn't jump off.

"Now hold tight for a moment. I still need to fix this stupid facility. Can't fix itself." Two wires strapped chell to the shields.
I'm kind of glad GLaDOS ain't paying much attention. Or maybe she is. But she'd be laughing at me right now.

"Okay, I think-I think I almost got it." Wheatley's casing just stayed in place, while circling itself multiple times.
Chell glared.

"Aha! I fixed it! I did it! Finally!" Wheatley laughed and spun around.

"Alright, alright..let's see what we got here."
Another wire came up and poked at chell's cheek.

She thrashed her head away from it.
"Eeeeh. Anyways."
The wire turned into a blade.
Now she just was frightened and tried to rip off the wires.

"Crazy woman."
The blade went smoothly across her, not cutting her or anything, but she knew by far it was a warning or he really was going to kill her.
He just leaned forward to her, staring at her creepily.
"Now be careful this time."
The blade came up infront of her.

Chell kicked the chassis, but wheatley didn't seem to feel it. Or if he did, he didn't give a damn.
The wire swirled and wrapped around her neck, with the blade resting on her neck.

She stopped moving finally. Glaring in response however.
If I could just find a way to possibly stun him, I could get out.

"What IS he doing?!" GLaDOS shouted from nowhere, making chell try to turn her head to find the voice.
"No, no no." He jerked the wire wrapped around her neck, forcing her to face him again.

Her heart raced. It's like she was a doll right now.
A wire brushed against her cheek trying to soothe her struggle.

"Real quick question though."
She sighed.
"Do you, would I put me?"
Chell raised her eyebrow.
Why on earth would I like you? You've been trying to kill me!
"Kind of awkward. I know. But when we were alone escaping, when I was attempting to turn on my flashlight, you were cuddled up against me. And-and when I was put
incharge, you didn't mind it very much. You were still willing to test for me, and even blushed a couple of times throughout the pairs of tests. But that could've
been cause of my euphoira reaction-anyways, you've also hesitated to kill me when you first got in here. So it just gave me that thought that throughout all of
this you've liked me." Wheatley said.

Chell glared. Ignoring his facts and just trying to face away.
"Don't be that way, luv. I'm not KILLING you right now, am I? I'm just asking you a question. Every question needs an answer, doesn't it?"

Not listening.
Wheatley glared for a moment of no response from chell.
"I know you can talk, and you can't ignore me forever. I can even PROVE that you like me."

She only looked over at the wires that held her tight.
Not a single word escaped her lips.
Maybe there's a way out of here. GLaDOS should've already HELPED me by now. I knew I couldn't trust her.

Chell blushed, even with trying to hide it. She was pulled back to face wheatley.
She sighed.
"You like it when I do that." He got closer.

She only kicked and thrashed once he got close.
"Whoa. Your getting a bit overwhelmed luv."
Chell tried to grab the wires and rip them off.
"Okay, maybe you REALLY like it." Wheatley laughed and two wires grabbed her back against the shields.
I don't like it. I just want away from you right now. Your just creeping me out. She threw her head back against the shields in frustration.
"Alrighty then!" He got closer once again.  
The wires circled around her legs, curling up or moving around.

She sighed in response.
"Y'know, luv. Your really beautiful. Has anyone ever said that?"

Chell just tried to look away.
"Don't make me do it again luv." Wheatley jerked the wire again to make her face back.

Uhhh...I'd rather not. She faced him again, but he was very close, just enough to press against her almost.

"What happened?" Rick buzzed back on. "Hey! Buddy, lay off of her!"
Wheatley rolled his optic and pulled back from chell. Facing rick's direction as a claw picked up the defenseless core.
"It's not like I'm hurting her."
Rick and chell just had a blank expression at wheatley.
"At least I'm not KILLING her." Wheatley said nervously.

"Put me d-GAH!" The claw snapped and dropped the core next to chell.
"Whoa! You alright there, angel?" Rick said.
Chell just rolled her eyes.
"HEY!" Wheatley glared.
"Hang in there, I'll get you out of there."
She gripped the wires that held her tight and put them right against a sharp edge of rick.
"Ga-ahh-oww-www.." Rick said as she cut through the wires.

"Oh-ho! No you don't!" Wheatley said as two claws came out behind chell and rick.
Chell cut her arms free and jerked the wires away from her feet.

"No-NO! Stay there!" Wheatley yelled.
She grabbed the core and jumped ontop of the chassis.
"OWwowwowwoww! Get off from there!"
She attached rick onto wheatley, then jumped off.

Chell grabbed her portal gun and turned back to wheatley.

"I see where this is going." Wheatley chuckled.

"Good luck, luv."
Not a continuation of the series (I'm still working on it. c: )

just a thought I couldn't get out of my head when I look at wheatley's shields. (They murder me. :'c)


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