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November 30, 2012
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"PART 5: BOOBYTRAP THE STALEMATE BUTTON!" Wheatley shouted as chell was shot right out of the room.

GLaDOS watched as chell landed, her portal gun landed near wheatley while herself was just laying down, making no such movements.
It worried GLaDOS for once, was she DEAD? Did a moron kill her?

Chell was still breathing, which was hard to hear for wheatley and GLaDOS due to the place collapsing above them.
"Okay. Okay! I-I can still fix this. I can still fix!-I think I know how to fix it!"
GLaDOS couldn't move, but she wished she did, wanting to see if chell was even ALIVE.

She was jerked off the receptacle bin. "What are you doing?!-NO-NO-NO!-LET-Bzzz!" GLaDOS was crushed and discarded.
"Alright, that's done. Just need! I got it! I bloody got it! I think so at least..okay, so reactor is off. It SHOULD stop collapsing." Wheatley said.

The place wasn't falling apart, but it was already in a horrible state.

"Now...let's fix this place up, now I can-" He looked over at chell. "You-You aren't dead.."
She was barely getting up, only limping as she did.

"You are STILL alive! Honestly?! Or are you just a hallucination? No..I don't have those. Do I?" He said and two claws came down, ripping the cores attached to
him, then discarding them.
Once he paid more attention, other then just standing up and hitting him in the optic, she was just barely getting back on her knees. Collapsing back down after trying.
He just chuckled at her constant attempt to save herself.
"I bet someone's having fun scrambling herself across the floor." Wheatley said.
She looked around for her portal gun, just wondering where it was and hopefully if it can help her get out of this hell-hole.
Her vision was blurry, and when she managed to even look at her arms that were hardly able to hold herself up, they were burned, not HORRIBLY burned, but it didn't
look good at all.
He wondered if she was just in one of those states where your dead but again alive.
Maybe she was in shock or something? He twitched for a moment inside his casing, then got a bit closer.
Chell tried to pull herself up, but it was bound to be impossible in her condition. Everything hurted, but that's not going to stop her from getting out.
--Hu?-- She was being pulled, she looked over seeing a claw pulling her to him. "I miss the old times, don't you?" Wheatley said, his optic brimming which just
brought fear into her eyes.
No-No-No! She was pulled to him and the claw left her below wheatley.
Wheatley looked at her with a solid glare.
And she only stared in pity, her eyes filled with so much emotion, fear, hatred and just shock of her situation.
She managed to pull herself up.

"W-What, are you still trying to kill me again?!" Wheatley glared and was about to bring down his shields as she barely reached his height.
She collapsed again, only to wrap her arms around him to keep herself from falling.
Wheatley was silent, not sure what to think of the gesture, he knew she was just trying to stand up, but she didn't let go of him.
He felt something wet on him, then heard gibberish.
His optic tried to face her better, but all he could see was barely her cheek as she held onto him in a hug.

Was she crying?

He knew from the inch of her, she was crying. There was no hope left for her and she knew it greater.
Simulated emotions, it seemed real to him, he felt something hurt inside of him, feeling as if he should make her feel better.
Strange feeling, yes, but for her? he didn't understand at all. Did he make a mistake and that's why he felt this way?
Guess so.

She finally let go as she collapsed to the floor with more tears.
A wire came up under her chin and forced her to face him.

There was so much tears, and it was rotting inside of him to do something.
I..maybe she..she wants her portal gun?
He pushed her portal-gun to her with a claw.
She didn't pick it up, and slid it away.

No?...I don't understand..
She grabbed the side of him and pulled herself up once again, but this time he just slid himself against her waist to help her up.
He looked up at her, something inside him snapping apart, edging on to just give her comfort, he felt this way about her ever since he met her.
And when he saw her testing for GLaDOS, he thought it was horrible, risking her life most of the time.
And when he got into control, she felt even worse, he thought her doing his tests would be better and not so..deadly. But it only made her want to escape.
Then he got caught up wanting to kill her, then HE felt horrible, all his words that he said to her.
Just evading his memory and flooding him with all he's said to her, they were painful words he didn't even think he could say.

He doesn't hate her, nor did he want to kill her.
Throughout their time, she didn't even TALK to him, just nodding most of the time.
He never thought he'd believe the day that he was wrong.
But he messed up big time.
His optic shined at her, not a hard shine, but he just wanted to see how she was. Still covered in tears, and more coming.
She looked down at him, her eyes showing so much, and so much done wrong to her. He was almost blinded by the feeling of guilt.
Why..why would I do this?</strong>
She grabbed him by both sides and pulled him away from her waist, and back closer to her face.
"Chell..I-I'm so sorry..I'm SO sorry. I don't know what I was thinking. I-I---" He was cut off as she snuggled him, still filling with tears, but not a rainfall like
He looked at her, she looked back, her tears finally gone away but it didn't replace how bad he felt.
"I was a bad person, luv. I should've known how bad you wanted out, and I only thought of myself, it was so horrible to treat you that way.
It's eating me inside to even see you still here. I should've let you go, but..I..was so caught up in power. I couldn't handle it, and I know you won't understand.
But I understand you. I do now at least.." Wheatley looked at her, if he could cry too, he would've done it now.

She was smiling.
"--I don't know if that's good, or-" Her grip loosened from him and she fell onto the ground. "Luv? LUV! Are you alright? Here, I'll-I'll help you."
A claw nudged her to get up, but she just closed her eyes.

"Oh-no-no-no! No! Don't die! I don't want you to die! Please! Wake up!"

"Please chell!"

" can't be dead! You never died before, why die now?! Please-Please wake up! I'm so sorry for everything! Just wake up!"

"Luv?..Are you?..You--Your alive!"
Chell woke up, her bruises and wounds patched up.
"Your alive! You have no idea how happy I am to see that your alright!" He was hovering over her like before, but this time she could just see his optic mostly.

He cuddled up against her, two wires wrapped around her gently.
She wrapped her arms around the core.
"I thought..I thought you died."
No response but a smile from her.
"I don't know what that means, luv-Uhh..ahah..nothing offensive in any meaningful way." He blinked, looking around nervously from her glance.
She hugged him, and he nearly rose her off the ground.
"I'm so sorry luv. I'm truly sorry, I-I'd be angry too! And if you want to leave now. Leave. I'll call an escape elevator right now. Just give me a nod or anything.
I'll do it. Honestly, for you."

She rubbed the side of him. " that petting, or something? Does that mean I'm doing right?"
He was jerked right into her arms.
"I-don't know what you want, luv." He said nervously, afraid to anger her.
She leaned forward.
"--I-" She kissed him above the optic. "--I-you..You kissed me!" Wheatley said in a rather cheerful tone.
"That means you forgive me, right? Right?" He faced her, only to earn a nod from chell.

"You do!- That's just..that's just tremendous! I thought you'd hate me for life!" Wheatley laughed.
She patted on him.
"Oh-uhm..that also means, you do want to go, right? That's what you want, right?"
She nodded.
"Alright. I'll call the elevator-whoa-" She grabbed him again. "Something else you need?"
Chell pointed to the elevator that rose from the ground and to the walls of aperture.
Wheatley looked dumbfounded. "Uhm..yes, this will leave aperture."

She shook her head.
"Oh-uhm...what?" He said nervously.

She raised her eyebrow and did the gesture again.
"Uhh--Oh! I see, I see!"

"You'll come back."
Just a quickie before I do another project.


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