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November 21, 2012
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She just couldn't help herself anymore, she was going to pass out, being hit so many times with the bombs. She was surprised she survived the last two.
"Ugh!" She got hit in the leg, making her finally fall limp and slip across the ground nearly bashing her head.
"N'aww, you're just getting more braindamaged luv." Wheatley said mockingly.
Chell tried to get up, but she barely could move her legs anymore.
Are they broken? Chell knew they couldn't be.
And if they were, well..she's good as dead now.
"Looks like you're not going anywhere." He launched up another bomb at her, this time chell just rolled over away from it.

She coughed and just about fainted.
A claw came out and dragged chell over to him, he just wanted to see her face before she-
Her face looked pitful, as if she'd beg for mercy right there. Looking at him with one tear falling down her cheek.
He was taken back, it felt so wrong then, but why should he stop?

She was going to die.
And now he thought he'd be overjoyed of it, but now it seemed horrible and wrong to do this to her.

She didn't wanna die, and he knew she didn't.

Before chell could see him stop, she passed out, already knowing she'd probably be die either way.


What happened?..
She blinked a couple of times, the facility was fixed, or at least to her thought. There was no timer on the wall.
But where's GLaDOS?

She was interrupted by hearing classical music playing.
Well, now she knew she was close to wheatley.
But shouldn't have he killed her by now?

Now she was just searching for her portal gun. It was nowhere, when she looked up, she found wheatley hovering over her, shining the room with his optic.
"Oh! You're alive! I thought you wouldn't have, well, uhm..just wanted to help you after..uhm...I saw you're face, I felt REALLY REALLY
guilty, honestly. I don't know what got into me. But after seeing you about to die, I just couldn't take it for some reason."

Chell glared.
"But, you're all better now of some terms."
What KIND of terms? Chell glared.
"Uhh..." A claw poked her.
What? Are you wanting me to turn around or something? I can't-..I..uh..I can't. I can't move at all actually.
This wasn't right, is her neck or back broken?

"It's alright.." Wheatley came right infront of her, his optic nearly against her.
His optic..there's a core in it..but he's looking at me..." Finally it snapped inside of her.
She shrieked.
"WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME!?" Chell screamed in terror.
Wheatley jerked back. "I HAD TO!"
Chell twitched and nearly let off sparks in panic. He turned me into a core! Why on earth did he do that?! Couldn't he just..patch me up or something?!
She looked up at him nervously.
"It's alright, its alright. You're at least. Maybe not in apperance, but still good if you ask me."
She glared.
"At least you're really, really, really, pretty and not a broken core like I was." Wheatley tried to encourage her not to get angry.

She let out a robotic sigh.
"Where's GLaDOS?" She glared.
Wheatley was surprised of a response, did putting her in a core body give her the ability to talk? Guess so..

"I threw her away, but we don't have to worry about her right now." Wheatley came around her, looking at her strangely.
Chell looked around in fear, starting to get used to the functions of moving.
"Hang on. I need to make sure I got you right, never done this before-ahah..but I did so anyway, to- fix you, of course." He lowered himself and looked around at her.
She hated being vulnerable, she couldn't run or hit him, all she could do was sit there and be defenseless.

" think I got you right."
Chell's optic shrinked to a pinprick once he stared at her again.
"I have to admit, you look beautiful as a core." Wheatley pulled back from her for a moment, viewing her better. "Course, you looked pretty as a human too."
She glared.
I need to get out of here.

She just upped up her handle, wanting to get away.
"Heh.." He lowered to her, in a curl-like way, at least how the chassis could work it.
Ehh... As much as she hated being a core, she had to rely on HIM now, she couldn't move, she was clueless of where GLaDOS was, and her last hope is

But his stare was intense and slightly scary. But she could live with it for now, she just needed to find GLaDOS.
She started to roll over. "Oops-daisy, luv." A claw grabbed her and set her right. She just kept looking around like a frightened child.

"You probably can't move much, can you?"
Chell nodded.
"Hmm..Oh!- Would you want to be attached to the chassis?"
Chell instantly shook around in her casing in fear, rambling no over and over.
"Alright, are you sure?"
She looked nervous.
Maybe if I did, I could find GLaDOS.
"..Uhh...I guess just this on-" She was interrupted. "Great!" A claw grabbed her.
"Gah!" Her optic shrinked when she was brought up near wheatley, instantly looking around in fear.
Okay, maybe I haven't thought about this fully.
She was plugged onto the chassis, shrieking once she was first plugged onto it.
"See? That was easy." Wheatley said boostfully.

Chell was silent for a moment till wheatley brought up a subject again.
"Do you like being a core?"
I really don't think so..
"Why not?"
She let out a squeak again.
"It's alright. I can hear you're thoughts, uhmm..that's what some of the chassis does." Wheatley looked up at her, or at least as good as he could get at looking.
Well that's kinda creepy, don't you think?
"Not really. I was used to it. Unless its REALLY annoying things like that stupid space core."
He was kinda annoying.. She looked around.
"Ahah, what are you doing luv?" He felt her looking through the database slightly.
Uhmm...nothing..nothing really..just..looking.
"Careful with that stuff, don't mess with anything, you're still not used to it."
Chell nodded.
Just wanted to look. She saw one of GLaDOS, revealing her destination aswell.
She was coming here.
She's going to get me! Chell let out a quiet, nervous, and faint laugh.
"Who is?"
Uh..nobody. imagination.
He glared for a second.
She went off the database quickly once he gave the glare, she was at least smart enough to know she's still defenseless. All he had to do now was just blow out
her circuits and she was plain dead.

But he didn't seem like he wanted to kill her.
He just acted as if he really wanted her back.

"Are you sure you're telling the truth, luv? I think you're lying to me."
Chell looked around nervously, then tried to change the subject.
"How did you put me in the core body?"
Wheatley stood silent for a minute.

"It was disgusting. In a non offensive way of course. I just don't like messing with..blood, and uh..bodies."
She looked down at him.
I'm not going to be a human again, am I?
Wheatley was still silent.
"No..I'm sorry chell."
Chell's optic shrinked for a moment then rose again, just letting out a robotic sigh.
What's the point of escaping if she's going to be a core for the rest of her life? All the time, being a core.
If she had a chance of life, then she was lucky enough to be alive forever and stay in aperture.
She hated to admit it, but that was all she had to do now.

No chance of escaping.
Cause she just wouldn't run faster or try to talk wheatley out of attacking her and turning evil.
I really did make a big mistake.. She just looked down at wheatley, now she just had to depend on him.

At least she wasn't depending on GLaDOS.
She heard steps, somewhere below the facility. And just KNEW it was GLaDOS.
And this time, ejecting off the body.
"Whoa! LUV!-" A claw instantly grabbed chell before she landed. "Be careful, you could've smashed you're little optic."
Chell glared.
"Could you just put me down?"
Wheatley put her back down. "Alright..but in a couple of minutes I'll have to attach you back to the chassis. I still need to work on stuff and don't want to turn
away and catch you being hit or anything." He laughed nervously.
At least he got me into a new body and not let me die..I'll give him that much." She looked up at wheatley who was staring back down at her.
She sighed as she just looked down, feeling horrible inside.
"It's alright luv." Wheatley leaned in on her, slightly rubbing against her in a snuggle-like way.
She cheered up a bit that he at least cared of how she was feeling.

"Look, I know you don't like being a core, but honestly I had no other choice. I really not good with uhm..human bodies and whatnot. So I thought if there was ANY way
it'd be turning you into a core, hey, at least you get to live forever just like me. We could be good ol' friends and finally get to spend time together now.
Get to know eachother more, sound's fun right?"
Usually, that would sound like a NIGHTMARE to me. But I think right now it sounds allot better. Chell nodded to wheatley.

"Wonderful!" Wheatley said and a claw reached down after chell.
"WHAT. DID. HE. DO. TO. YOU." They were interrupted by the sound of the sadistic and cruel tone of GLaDOS.
Chell and wheatley looked over to the broken and torn android.
Even without being told who that core was, GLaDOS knew..
She never has expressed worry, but now she really was worried. Chell literally died and now she was a core.
Wheatley went infront of chell glaring at the android.
"I SAVED her."
GLaDOS was murdered and put into a robot body, at least her human side was. And now it happened again, chell was her enemy, but she didn't even laugh at the scene.

A claw grabbed GLaDOS.
"Wait! Don't kill her." Chell looked up at wheatley.
"But luv she-"
Chell stared in pity.

"...Fine. I won't kill her. But I can't allow her to run around freely." The claw pulled GLaDOS.
"Put me down! Chell!" GLaDOS struggled in the claw.

Chell looked down in guilt.
"PUT ME DOWN RIGHT NOW-ZZZzzzzzz..." GLaDOS buzzed out and the claw took her away.
"She'll be fine right?" Chell looked up at him.
Wheatley waited till GLaDOS was fully out of the room. "Yes."
"I will put her into a core body like you, except she has to be put on stupid management rails." Wheatley laughed.
Chell let out a quiet giggle.
"Alright, let's see..where were we?" Wheatley rolled his optic.
She looked over to where GLaDOS was standing then back at wheatley.
"Uhmm, you were going to pick me up?" She laughed nervously while moving her handles.

"Oh yeah." A claw grabbed chell. "Let's just attach you back to the chassis-"
"Ah!" Chell yelped as she was plugged back on.
Wheatley flinged around for a moment.
"Oops. I'm sorry, I don't know what happened there. The port must've malfunctioned." He said nervously.
"I'll uh-..Fix it soon."

I guess his company isn't bad.
"Course it ain't, its better then talking to GLaDOS at least!" He said happily. is.

"Oh, just wanted to say. I'm honestly, truly, sorry for..y'know..trying to kill you and making you go through so much tests. I should've known better.
I guess I got really really carried away with it, but now I-..." He looked up at her. "-WE can be happy." He gave a happy slit.
Chell smiled in her own core way.

"I hope so at least. I hope you'll be happy this way, as long as you're happy I'm happy, that sounds fair, doesn't it?"
Wheatley looked at her nervously.
"You don't HAVE to forgive me. But I'd at least try and make it up for you, cause that's right, and if were going to be together for the rest of our lives, might
aswell try and make it up." He nodded.

Chell nodded back.
"Yes luv?"
I..forgive you.
"Really?" Wheatley said boostfully.
"Yes." She said.

"Oh, thank you so much luv! If you need anything at all, ask me alright? I'll be there for you. Alright?" He said and looked happy, allot happier then she's seen him.
I always wanted to try a fanfic like this one. c: (Except not with central wheatley. D: )

At least GLaDOS got a second chance at the end..:XD:


Comment and fav. :la:
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TheLunarDragons Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I love GLaDOS' reaction "WHAT. DID. HE. DO. TO. YOU."
AliTheDragon Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I did too. XD
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I love the stories you write! They seem so... believable.
AliTheDragon Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I guess that's just cause I try to stick with characters personailty. XD/Or plot. >->

But thanks! 8D
TheLunarDragons Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
You're welcome!!!
JasmineAlexandra Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2012  Student General Artist
..... I guess that is cute...but why couldn't Chell be put in an android body like GLADoS?
It actually sounds like she will be a complete quadriplegic for the rest of her life....which is forever...
AliTheDragon Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I thought of that idea, but seeing how wheatley is, he's most likely prefer chell being a core then android.

In my stories, GLaDOS was an android from the start. Wheatley didn't turn her into one and most likely didn't know how.
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